Sight Words for First Grade

SWL - G1
SWL - G1

Level: Grade 1

Skill: Sight Words for First Grade

Teachers Agree

The most effective and powerful reading tool that parents can help develop is Sight Word recognition.


- waterproof, no liner needed
- 100% polyester - bright white
- machine washable, warm iron

(suction cup included)

100 Days Waterproof Activity Card (included with order)
CAUTION: May turn learning into a fun habit that your child wants to do, asks to do, and expects to do!
Our Waterproof Activity Cards provide over 100 activities that incorporate the skills, concepts and terminology that will help your child succeed in school. These fun activities take just minutes a day and turn everyday routines into playful, learning moments. School readiness plays an important role in school success.
(English on front / Spanish on back)

Price: $23.99